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Prague plays host to such an incredible range of cultural events, invariably of high quality and low price, that you’ll be struggling to see them all unless you’re here for a very long time! There are countless magnificent galleries and museums, and though you will struggle at the theatre unless your Czech is excellent, you'll have no problems enjoying yourself at any of the excellent concerts. If jazz music is your scene then rejoice, for there loads of specialist venues for the chin strokers amongst you. If you need help in whittling down the options then check out the Editor's Choice for our recommendations!

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There are 32 Prague cultural hotspots listed on the site at the moment, and we add to our listings frequently. When looking for culture in Prague, either use our search facility above, or browse through our culture directory. If you think we should have a listing which is not already on our site, please do write to us and let us know! We need your feedback to help us make Prague Life the most comprehensive guide in English to life in Prague!


Marionette Theatre
reviewed by Joe Kurewitcz
from Poland
on Aug.29.2012

"Hi people, in this case, I wanna warn you. When I was in Prague, with my girl friend we decided to go to the different kind of theatre. Marionettes looked good. But it was a big mistake. This particular theatre did bad job. Next time I will try another one. CUS..."

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Marionette Theatre
reviewed Aug.29.2012
"Hi people, in this case, I wanna warn you. When I was in Prague, with my..."
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