Marionette Museum

address: U Karlova 12

tel: +42 (222) 220 928

fax: +42 (222) 220 928

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Puppets are very popular in Prague and indeed the city is the unofficial puppet capital of the world, due to the long tradition of puppetry here. It therefore stands to reason that the puppet museum here should be one of the best around and by all accounts it indeed is. We have to admit that this is the only place on the site we haven't actually been to: we're terrified of the wee buggers! If you don't share our irrational fear then there's plenty here to keep you entertained, not least actual puppet shows in the special theatre on the premises.

Marionette Museum



Marionette Theatre
reviewed Aug.29.2012
"Hi people, in this case, I wanna warn you. When I was in Prague, with my..."
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