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Prague's historic pedestrian bridge, named after King Charles IV, connects the Old Town to the Lesser Town and is lined with statues of famous saints and royalty. Just beware: in the off-season the bridge provides a nice peaceful stroll and photo opportunity, but in the summer months it's hard to even move through the crowds, much less take pictures of the most known statues. If you're there in the summer, we recommend going at the crack of dawn, when the bridge is still empty and the views are spectacular. But if you want to experience the souvenir stands and street musicians, daytime is the time to go, but beware of pickpockets, as this crowded tourist magnet is the perfect place to have your wallet stolen.

Charles Bridge

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reviewed by Claire Brooks from United States on Jan.17.2011

Sure, it's always crowded and generally a tourist trap, but that doesn't mean it's not worth seeing. Go early in the morning or late at night to avoid the tourists and peddlers.

reviewed by Lee Adama from United Kingdom on Jun.24.2010



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