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Wenceslas Square is not just famous for its historical significance, but also its present-day position as a mecca of shops, bars, hotels, and proximity to most of Prague's attractions. The square itself is a 750m long and 60m wide boulevard, which has been a central gathering point for citizens of Prague for over 600 years. Originally built during the reign of Charles IV as the main Prague horse market, the square has become a famous spot of parades and protests over the years, most recently during the Velvet Revolution. More on Wenceslas Square and the surrounding area can be found in our Old Town guide.

Wenceslas Square

probably the best part is watching the daily waiting game of so many people by the statue. you always have at least two guys waiting with flowers - is this Prague's unofficial blind date meeting zone?

reviewed by DJ Silence from The Bahamas on Mar.19.2007



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