Prague culture reviews

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Jubilee Synagogue

your link to the Synagogue is incorrect, the right link is, thank you

reviewed by lior from Czech Republic on Nov.15.2011

French Institute

Czech Republic January 27th, 2011 Dear Sir/ Madam I' m just wondering how can I get the e-mail address for the French Institute in Czech Republic. Is all about- learning, socialising, reading, hearing, find-out more together with czechs. We all care, we want to improve! But how, what other links might be interesting... Randy Johnson

reviewed by Randy Johnson from Switzerland on Jan.27.2011

Charles Bridge

Awesome thank you so much

reviewed by Claire Brooks from United States on Jan.17.2011

Kafka Museum

An excellent virtual recreation of the Kafka experience.

reviewed by Anderson from United States on Aug.02.2010

Alfons Mucha Museum

I was hoping to enjoy his work, but I left thinking it was pretty kitsch and overrated. Have to be honest!

reviewed by Thomas Bulstrode from United Kingdom on Sep.16.2010

Charles Bridge

Sure, it's always crowded and generally a tourist trap, but that doesn't mean it's not worth seeing. Go early in the morning or late at night to avoid the tourists and peddlers.

reviewed by Lee Adama from United Kingdom on Jun.24.2010

Antonin Dvorak Museum

An absolute delight if you're a Dvorak fan, as I am.

reviewed by Rodney from United Kingdom on May.14.2010

Alfons Mucha Museum

I really dig the art nouveau thing, so this was a great find. Best get there, buddy, when you're in Prague.

reviewed by Jonathan from Australia on Apr.26.2010

Kampa Museum

Unfortunately we haven`t free Monday entrance...

reviewed by Museum Kampa from Czech Republic on Feb.04.2010

French Institute

Hello! Could you please send me some information about how could I learn the french languages in Prague? Is there a way to learn in the French Institute? If yes when can I start it, how often can I do this and how much is it? Would be appreciated if you could some usefull information to my email address. Thank you in advance. Gabi Nemeth

reviewed by Gabriella Nemeth from Hungary on Oct.17.2010

Wax Museum Prague

So much fun!!!

reviewed by Art from United States on Mar.12.2009

Divadlo Disk

Brilliant theatre! Went with a Czech friend, had to be told what was going on quite often but still enjoyed it.

reviewed by Marie from Czech Republic on Jan.09.2009

Kafka Museum

What a trip! Visiting this museum has been a great experience to me. I was so sad discovering the tour was over. Most of all, I've appreciated the sounds created in order to kick the visitors in the middle of a Kafka's novel.

reviewed by Giorgio from Italy on Jan.09.2009

Kafka Museum

One of my favourite museums EVER! Going through it is as trippy as one of his novels, and once you find out more about the man you just want to read everything he's written - and conveniently enough, the museum shop has copies of his books in English!

reviewed by Anna from Poland on Dec.04.2008


Cool museum! Prague's musical history is really interesting indeed, and the temporary exhibition on New Wave in the 80s was brilliant.

reviewed by Marian from United Kingdom on Apr.02.2008

Alfons Mucha Museum

this was sensational. I've always been a fan of Alfons Mucha (i have a Mucha tattoo across the whole of my back!) so it was a real treat to see a museum dedicated to him. He was a rare genius

reviewed by Sonia from United States on Mar.13.2008

Alfons Mucha Museum

While the museum was amazing, the gift shop is to be skipped. The cashier mislead my husband to believe that what he was buying the 200 czk item he asked for, and then charged him for a similar item that was 1350 czk. When he met me outside of the shop and told me he thought the total was high, we realized the mistake we went right back in to correct it. The evil cashier would not exchange the item, mumbling some crap in Czech as to why, so we were stuck with an expensive item we did not want. As a whole we have encountered a lot of crooks in Prague ripping off tourists, but this was the most outrageous. My advice is when buying expensive items always use a credit card so that the charges can be disputed and also expect all sales to be final.

reviewed by Andi from United States on Nov.16.2010

Alfons Mucha Museum

Just reply to lady from US. You have to control what do you want and what do you pay before payment, no just pay, go out and go back to complain. It wasn't the similar item, firstly was handkerchief about 250 CZK, but you took shawl with handkerchief like set about 1350 CZK. You can see the different in size on first view. So sorry... Mucha Museum Staff

reviewed by from Czech Republic on Nov.16.2010

Kampa Museum

simply unbelievable. the museum was one of the finest i've ever set foot in. the warhol exhibit was enthralling, as i've been a fan of his work for decades. and, the woman who ran the gift shop was just amazing. the sweetest person i think i've met in a long time (i only wish i could remember her name!) good going,'ve got a treasure in this museum!

reviewed by chip flippin from United States on Oct.17.2007

Dancing House

Check out the "Krzywy Dom" or "Crooked House" in Gdansk, Poland!

reviewed by Martin from United Kingdom on Apr.03.2007

Wenceslas Square

probably the best part is watching the daily waiting game of so many people by the statue. you always have at least two guys waiting with flowers - is this Prague's unofficial blind date meeting zone?

reviewed by DJ Silence from The Bahamas on Mar.19.2007

Prague Castle

be prepared for long lines, especially to see the cathedral. come early in the morning or in the off season or face huge crowds

reviewed by Dagny from Poland on Mar.19.2007

Old Town Hall Tower & Astronomical Clock

Soooooo many tourists here, especially right before the hour in the spring and summer. come in the morning or in the off season to not feel homicidal.

reviewed by DJ Silence from United Kingdom on Mar.19.2007

Museum of Communism

If you only visit one museum in Prague, visit this one - really powerful and interesting, it never gets boring and the gift shop is pretty sweet too!

reviewed by Ania from Poland on Mar.19.2007

Municipal House

Absolutely stunning - one of the finest pieces of architecture I have ever had the pleasure to see - and all on a quite monumental scale. An outstanding concert programme compliments one of the world's truly great concert halls. A must see.

reviewed by Mark B from United Kingdom on Jun.01.2006