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Escape to Paradise

What a waste of time. Went there on a Friday night and the place was dead with only one other customer ciming in all night. The boys just look at their mobile phones all night and only speak to ask if you want business. What a dump, needs to close down.

reviewed by John from United Kingdom on Mar.14.2014

Escape to Paradise

I spent so nice time yesterday night there. Nice boys, nice shows and bodies of the boys are mostly perfect . Max is really handsome boy. About price of the drinks. It is really normall Europe standart. If you go to night with girls they have 10 times much more expensive. I like to go also to Darling but Escape i so cosy a nice place. I felt really nice and thanks to the barmans Mertin and Vit :)

reviewed by Clark from Belgium on Nov.24.2013

Escape to Paradise

So i have just recently visited the club there ( October 2013 ) . Must say the club has turned a corner from what i heard above. I gave it a visit because i was in the area and heard so many mixed reviews about it. Bar staff were really helpful at the start as i wanted to know what the prices of drink , boys etc were. So i sat down and then up came a boy called jack , from scotland. we sat and talked for at least 15 minutes and he never asked for drinks / work . so i offered to buy him a drink and he agreed. i asked him how much it would be before i went to the bar already knowing the price from asking earlier when i came in. he had given me the correct price. so felt i could trust him. I must say the night carried on and things went on , well after him being so nice and honest i decided to pay for work. He made my week so much better. When i go back in January i will be doing it all over again. Although i must admit your better talking to the boys and finding out more about them before doing anything with them. A few boys said they had been there for a few years, they looked really done in. CLUB WAS GOOD , THERES SUPPOSED TO BE WORK OR UPDATING AGAIN DURING DECEMBER

reviewed by Paul Campbell from United Kingdom on Oct.26.2013

Escape to Paradise

Wow. Amazing club,boys,bartenders :) I really want to Be back soon .

reviewed by Luis from Australia on Sep.29.2013

Cross Club

Best club in Prague. Good people, good music. But it is in bad neighbourhood...

reviewed by Yahiako from Czech Republic on Sep.08.2013

Escape to Paradise

Not sure what club he is talking about below. This club is overpriced, the boys are not good looking and are only interested in ripping customers off.

reviewed by Donald from Italy on Sep.04.2013

Escape to Paradise

I was in this bar two weeks ago, and make my vacation amazing. Bar is very very beautiful, cleaned and with the top services. Nice barmans and boys :) I think if you want spend good time in prague, go there.

reviewed by Paul from Switzerland on Sep.02.2013


AWESOME PLACE, first day we went there was no place to sit. it was packed!!! so we come back next day got a table next to some beautiful czech girls, it was awesome, Beer and food is DELICIOUS i got SOS it was recommended to me by very nice waiter. staff is very friendly and smiling all the time. Thank you everyone there I'm defensively coming back there on my next visit to Prague.

reviewed by Peter K from United States on Aug.22.2013

Escape to Paradise

I don't normally write reviews, but feel I have to, so people are not used or ripped off by this bar. I was overcharged by nearky 2000kc for my bar bill, so ensure you pay for drinks as you go. I did stupidly buy a few drinks for the boys, so probably got well overcharged for these. The place was empty and the rentboys just sat around liikung at their mobile phones. A place to avoid on your trip to Praha

reviewed by Louis from Austria on Aug.20.2013

Escape to Paradise

Very disappointing, very expensive drinks and boys are not worth looking at, but they try to get you to buy them expensive drink, which i believe they are told to do by the owner. Don't waste your time or money visiting this place

reviewed by Juan from France on Aug.17.2013

Escape to Paradise

What has happened to Escape!! The place is shit now, stupid drag acts and girls in club who are just fag hags. The boys are disappointing and shows rubbish. Niko is no longer in club re cimments below, and good riddance he was a real bitch and no hoper in life. Will not be going back. The best place now is Wildboys for boys.

reviewed by Piere from France on Jul.19.2013

Escape to Paradise

Agree with comment below, the boys in this club are really ugly. When i was there I saw boys dealing in drugs and showing no interest in the customers. The management need to be sacked and new boys got in. Not a good advert for so called good looking czech boys. The money they ask for, for a quick fuck is a joke. Don't waste your time or money.

reviewed by Sebastian from France on Jul.07.2013

Escape to Paradise

As ridiculous place as the others in town trying (I don't know why)to emulate it.The environment is soviet,not civilised.But the most disapointing thing for a Bel Ami fan like me is that the boys are all ugly!! Disgusting behaviour besides.They want much more than the 100 dollars you can pay in New York for someone handsome and muscular.I cannot recomend anybody to visit Prague if looking for hot men.It's a hell.

reviewed by Francesc from Spain on Jun.19.2013

Escape to Paradise

I was in escape last summer, a real dump and met Niko who was naked at the bar all over some old black man. He did a live sex show and then went round the bar naked begging for money. He gave me his phone number so i could have sex with him the next day as he was having sex with the old black man that night. I never contacted him as i thought he must have std's. A very sad life. .

reviewed by Tony from Canada on Apr.30.2013

U Sudu

This place is dope! Not! If you want to hang out in a place that smells of urine, has a pit bull mascot, multiple other locals bring their dogs, twenty broken foosball tables, the worst smelling skunk weeds in Europe, low lighting, heroin junkies shooting up in the bathrooms and dark corners, fleas, dreadlocks, the smell of mold, over priced drinks and hidden cameras recording your activities....then this is your place! Nasty staff who are distrusting of foreigners....stay away.

reviewed by Some-Ting-Wong from China on Apr.28.2013

Escape to Paradise

This club is just full of stupid rentboys who are to lazy to get a real job. They think some old man is going to give them money for life. Wake up boys you are there just for a quick fuck for a few $$

reviewed by Andy from United States on Apr.13.2013

Escape to Paradise

I had Niko real name Michal a few years back, can not believe he is still a prostitute,he must be nearly 30 now. Thought he would have done something with his life. It is sad to hear what has happened to him

reviewed by Donald from Belgium on Apr.11.2013

Escape to Paradise

I understand Niko no longer works in club, now to old. I had him about 5 years ago and gave him a good fucking bareback, so has been a rentboy a long time. Not surprised to hear he has HIV

reviewed by Joe from United States on Apr.08.2013

Escape to Paradise

Is the boy with HIV called Niko still working in club?

reviewed by Leon from France on Apr.03.2013

Escape to Paradise

What have they done to this club? Last year really enjoyed it, but now it is awful, having party nights with women allowed and drag acts. I have read that some of the boys have STD's but to be honest the choice of boys are poor. Drinks very expensive, wont be going back.

reviewed by Dan from United States on Mar.29.2013

Escape to Paradise

A complete rip off joint. On a recent visit, which was meant to be a party night, it was full of women, hardly a gay bar. The boys who are the rentboys looked 2nd rate and cant believe anyone would pay money to them for sex. The price of drinks are crazy, more expensive than the bar I was in, in New York. 4 times more expesive than a bar up the road. If they are letting boys work there with HIV then it shoyld be closed down as mentuoned below.

reviewed by Andy from United Kingdom on Mar.15.2013

Escape to Paradise

I thought all the bad reviews could be true, but they are. On a recent visit to bar the place was dead with just a couple of boys at the bar liikung as bored ad hell. The boys are not good looking and cant imagine anyway paying money for them. The barman said the manager lubos? is a waste of time and the bar is just going down hill. The drinks arw very expensive and watch your bill when you pay. Would not recommend this bar, just a tourist trap.

reviewed by Thomas from Austria on Mar.11.2013

Escape to Paradise

The owners of this club must ensure the boys are free of STD's. No wonder HIV cases are on the rapid rise in Prague.The name of the rentboy is well known.

reviewed by David from United States on Mar.08.2013

Escape to Paradise

Best Gay club in europe, they arw having a laugh. Now they are allowing fag hags in,keep the women out, it is meant to be a gay rentboy bar.

reviewed by Daniel from Belgium on Mar.08.2013

Escape to Paradise

This place should be closed down now. The boys are just lazy and need to get real jobs, the are young and stupid and and have no future in life. They think they will be rich but after having sex with hundreds of old men, they will end up dead or with nothing.

reviewed by Carlos from Italy on Mar.07.2013