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Blimey, where to begin? First of all, rest assured that whatever your preferred venue - be it cosy wood-panelled den, funky chrome affair, or refined cafe - it's all here in Prague, and probably in abundance. There's no shortage of clubs either, which usually stay open until 4am or later, compared to the pubs which wind down around 11pm or so. Beer is, of course, the traditional drink of choice for Czechs, and Czech beer rightly has an excellent reputation as one of the best in the world. Once you've sampled the original Czech Budweiser you won't be in any hurry to go back to the fizz and water they serve in the US!

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There are 40 Prague pubs and cafes on our website at the moment, and we update our listings frequently. When looking for a place to drink in Prague, either use our search facility provided above, or browse through our bars and clubs directory. Prague has a huge range of pubs, cafes, bars and nightclubs to choose from, so we're sure you'll find something that floats your boat. If you think we should have a listing of a bar, cafe or club which is not already on our site, please do write to us and let us know! We need your feedback to help us make Prague Life the most comprehensive guide in English to life in Prague!


Escape to Paradise
reviewed by Anthony
from United Kingdom
on Apr.09.2015

"To much drag acts, use to be good but now rubbish.. Boys just after your money. "

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Escape to Paradise
reviewed Apr.09.2015
"To much drag acts, use to be good but now rubbish.. Boys just after your mo..."
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