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address: Plynarni 23

tel: +420 736535053

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Cross Club might be a bit off the usual tourist paths, but that's its main strength rather than weakness. A mostly-local crowd allows this club to be as weird as it wants to be, and it never lets up on the head trips. The decor, straight out of a science fiction film, looks like it was designed by H.R. Giger on a bad acid trip: automobile parts serve as lamps, weird liquids in glass containers bubble and light up, and the ceiling would make a great prop for an industrial band's music video, except on the second level you have to duck down to walk under it. The tangle of wires and metal appliance parts don't make the place any easier to navigate, and getting lost in its jungle of rooms is almost guaranteed - not that that's a bad thing, as each room plays different styles of house, techno, or chill-out music by DJs as inventive as the decor. There's even a food stand for late night munchies.

Cross Club

Best club in Prague. Good people, good music. But it is in bad neighbourhood...

reviewed by Yahiako from Czech Republic on Sep.08.2013

The best club in prague!! Awesome music and people, it's good for you

reviewed by Gorla Giacomo from Italy on Sep.24.2011

Best club in Prague for me. Must-visit venue!

reviewed by SAM from United Kingdom on Feb.04.2011

Pretty cool place. Happy to recommend!

reviewed by Jamie from United Kingdom on Dec.17.2010

Cross Club is a little off the track but real authentic and alive - def. part of Prague's underground and alternative scene. They also organize exhibitions and conferences ect. around political and environmental subjects.

reviewed by Christophe T. from Czech Republic on Jul.28.2010

Cant wait to see you there David! I'm going to have an american flag cape on tonight!

reviewed by Matt American Herman from United States on Jul.08.2009

I'll be sure to look for you there David!

reviewed by Bo from United States on Mar.19.2008

Thanks David. I'll be sure to go there ;)

reviewed by Amy from United States on Feb.09.2008

After 7 years of working with some of Canada's top touring artists, I can say that Cross Club is heads-and-shoulders the most far out nightclub I've ever seen...

reviewed by Rob from Canada on Dec.16.2010

Amazing club, I've never seen anything like it anywhere else in Europe! Cross Club is not to be missed, even if it's not in the city center!

reviewed by Ania from Poland on Aug.30.2007



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