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address: Trebizskeho 4a

tel: +420 222710462

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Termix is a small, intimate club that's great for having a sit-down drink or relaxing with friends - until the dance floor starts getting packed and things really get wild. The club puts on a variety of shows and special themed parties, from Valentine's Day and Easter celebrations to more random themes like Horror Day. Add to that a variety of DJs of all types of music on a regular basis, and you have a club where something is going on almost every night. Open Wednesday through Sunday. Pleasant sit-down in the centre of Prague, modern design, stylish atmosphere, wide offer of wines, alcoholic drinks, mixed drinks and cocktails

Club Termix

Its not true that they dont like travellers, I had a great time there, all staff speaks English and were very friendly

reviewed by Dennis from Netherlands on Dec.20.2011

Worst club ever! They don't like travellers. Had a drink thrown at me for speaking english.

reviewed by Martin from United Kingdom on Oct.24.2011

that's a place to party - obviously mainly gay folks - but open to all party animals

reviewed by Christophe T. from Czech Republic on Jul.28.2010

still the up runner in the gay party scene

reviewed by Christophe T. from Czech Republic on Dec.13.2010



Escape to Paradise
reviewed Apr.09.2015
"To much drag acts, use to be good but now rubbish.. Boys just after your mo..."
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