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address: Malostranske namesti


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If anyone has been to America, they couldn't avoid seeing at least a dozen Starbucks locations - even if they tried! Now the chain has come to Prague, bringing its signature coffees and frappucinos and other yummy caffeinated treats, not to mention their blueberry muffins and espresso brownies. Love it or hate it, Starbucks is here to stay, and this location provides a relaxed meeting point with wireless internet, and plenty of comfortable seating on which to enjoy your coffee or tea.


the best coffee ever in a wonderful place

reviewed by Iuliana Arsene from Romania on Mar.21.2012

I want to thank the girls and boys from the Prague Starbucks (I think Vaclavske Namesti) for their kindness and honesty. I was there at the end of july and forgot my wallet in the café. After a few hours I noticed and returned without much hope. Not only did I get my money back, but they didn't even want any kind of reward. These Prague Starbuckers are really the best!

reviewed by Kristel Van Roy from Belgium on Aug.08.2010

The critics of the downtown Starbucks in Prague just institutionally don't like Starbucks.

It has free wifi internet.

It has a large 2nd story with many seating areas fit for reading, surfing the web, writing, and it even has larger tables fit for doing school work.

It's in the center. While I'm not a fan of tourist traps, the center is a beautiful, bustling place. My favorite environment to relax, read, or do work in is a active, social atmosphere and the Starbucks downtown delivers.

A large coffee costs 65 CZK (3.7 USD, 2.5 Euro).

I'm also referring to the Starbucks near the downtown tram stop, not the one near Old Town Square. I haven't been there.

reviewed by Dan from United States on Oct.08.2009

Oh, get off your high horses. This kind of bashing is pretty stale. You don't like it, don't patronize it. You don't have to vent your self-implied esteem for the world to know it.

reviewed by Ace from United States on Feb.18.2009

Apparently about to open all across Poland to in the next few months... ugghhhh!

reviewed by Mike from United Kingdom on Sep.01.2008



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