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address: Smetanovo nnbrezi 198

tel: +420 222220502

fax: +420 222220502

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Four floors, four clubs, one entrance fee, all in the biggest club in Central Europe - the only thing better would be no cover charge at all, but that's pretty rare in Prague's clubs unfortunately. Fortunately though, if you're here with a big group with varied tastes in music, almost everyone will be satisfied in one of the rooms. Start at the bottom for your typical club house and dub. Then, when you start to feel the pounding beats driving you mad, move upstairs to some 70s disco, and when you can't dance any longer, chill out to mellow electronica and rock on the top floor cafe's cushions and couches.

Karlovy Lazne

Hrozne misto, samy fetaci, na toaletu uz radse vubec nechodte,pavucina,

reviewed by Elen from Rakousko on May.25.2012

Worst club in the Prague. Be vigilant and careful - instead of good and funny spend time - You can have discrimination on a national sign and destroyed health.
I with me friend, want enter in this club, but tickets seller dont want let us in - because we are foreigners and dont speak czech.
When I get out my mobile phone (with camera) and want do film proof discrimination on a national sign incident - he call the security, and beat phone from my hand.
After that security drag me out start beating and use pepper spray - try as much as possible destroy my health.

reviewed by Andrew from Lithuania on May.23.2012

Visited in 2009. Not a terrible place, bit tacky and there was a lot of broken glass on the second floor. Also expensive.

reviewed by Jane from United Kingdom on Mar.07.2011

Excellent! Great! You must see!

reviewed by Alex from United States on Mar.03.2007



Escape to Paradise
reviewed Apr.09.2015
"To much drag acts, use to be good but now rubbish.. Boys just after your mo..."
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