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Whenever good independent bands tour through Prague, there's a very good chance they'll be playing at Palace Akropolis. The venue is medium-sized, with a large and small stage - so you can catch a touring band from the U.K. one night and then a local singer/songwriter the next night, all in one place. The so-called "cultural complex" consists of an independent theatre, a concert hall, a cinema and an exhibition space for art openings and the like. Though re-opened in 1996, its historic roots go back to the pre-war Akropolis theatre, closed to the public and abandoned in 1948 and deteriorated until its re-construction in the early 90s. For more popular touring bands, be sure to get your tickets early, as the venue does sell out quite often.

Palace Akropolis

where can i find partypictures of the night in akropolis? there where a man who made some pictures...

reviewed by Annette from Germany on Nov.01.2011

...again a little off the center but worth the detour - maybe the best place for funk, hip hop & latino in Prague (check out their website for the schedule :
Best time to hit Acropolis is around midnight - it's always busy and rather crowded on weekends. This is where the best local DJs and soundsystems play.

reviewed by Christophe T. from Czech Republic on Jul.28.2010

a true indie atmosphere in prague. be sure to start out early as it's a bit of a hike from the centre, but it's the best place to catch awesome live bands - mew played there!!

reviewed by Dagny from United States on Feb.13.2007



Escape to Paradise
reviewed Jan.20.2015
"The bar was empty with only a couple of rent boys who were not good looking..."
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