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Whenever good independent bands tour through Prague, there's a very good chance they'll be playing at Palace Akropolis. The venue is medium-sized, with a large and small stage - so you can catch a touring band from the U.K. one night and then a local singer/songwriter the next night, all in one place. The so-called "cultural complex" consists of an independent theatre, a concert hall, a cinema and an exhibition space for art openings and the like. Though re-opened in 1996, its historic roots go back to the pre-war Akropolis theatre, closed to the public and abandoned in 1948 and deteriorated until its re-construction in the early 90s. For more popular touring bands, be sure to get your tickets early, as the venue does sell out quite often.

Palace Akropolis

where can i find partypictures of the night in akropolis? there where a man who made some pictures...

reviewed by Annette from Germany on Nov.01.2011

...again a little off the center but worth the detour - maybe the best place for funk, hip hop & latino in Prague (check out their website for the schedule :
Best time to hit Acropolis is around midnight - it's always busy and rather crowded on weekends. This is where the best local DJs and soundsystems play.

reviewed by Christophe T. from Czech Republic on Jul.28.2010

a true indie atmosphere in prague. be sure to start out early as it's a bit of a hike from the centre, but it's the best place to catch awesome live bands - mew played there!!

reviewed by Dagny from United States on Feb.13.2007



Escape to Paradise
reviewed Apr.09.2015
"To much drag acts, use to be good but now rubbish.. Boys just after your mo..."
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