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address: Vodickova 10

tel: +420 222232207

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If you're looking for a spot generally hidden from tourists and frequented by locals, U Sudu has the right atmosphere (for now at least). Past the small entrance you'll wander into a maze of rooms that makes up the wine cellar-turned bar. Sip a merlot or chianti while chilling out in the barely-lit cellar, or play some foosball at one of their many tables. Also, if you're a fan of the green (and we don't mean oregano), U Sudu is one of the most liberal places in that respect (wink wink nudge nudge).

U Sudu

This place is dope! Not! If you want to hang out in a place that smells of urine, has a pit bull mascot, multiple other locals bring their dogs, twenty broken foosball tables, the worst smelling skunk weeds in Europe, low lighting, heroin junkies shooting up in the bathrooms and dark corners, fleas, dreadlocks, the smell of mold, over priced drinks and hidden cameras recording your activities....then this is your place!

Nasty staff who are distrusting of foreigners....stay away.

reviewed by Some-Ting-Wong from China on Apr.28.2013

U Sudu was the perfect local Prague bar to kick back, enjoy great music and watch Prague go by! It became a home away from home in our short stay in Prague.

reviewed by rgbtexex from United States on Sep.30.2011

U Sudu was my favorite place to go to in Prague. Going all the way down to the bottom is the best. They have a great dark beer on draft called Masters, but they tend to run out of it every night because it's so delicious!

Great vibe. I never had a bad experience there, especially if you tipped well.

reviewed by Abby from United States on May.08.2011

U sudu is the worst place in all Prauge. Smelly, dirty with pissed waitress. Diler behind count is very picky and in a bad moode all the time. He is selin` only to locals. Tourist (who manage to found place) are goin to be ignored and if not ignored than treat like animals. Very bad animals. Dont go there :)

reviewed by Edie from Croatia on May.04.2011

i went to this bar and it was defiantly my favorite place in prague. everyone was getting high and i managed to buy some dank weed. they are very weed-friendly(:

reviewed by samantha from United States on Jan.07.2011

U favourite bar in many little rooms with different music.

reviewed by Ian from United Kingdom on Feb.27.2009



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