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Dispel your preconceptions now because although Czech food is about as celebrated as that of every eastern European country (in that it isn't), it can actually be very tasty. Granted, simple meat and veg dishes aren't to everybody's liking, but approach with an open mind and we're confident you'll be pleasantly surprised! If you're really not keen to sample the local cuisine though, then don't worry: Prague has a wealth of restaurants serving almost every fare under the sun. Check out the Editor's Choice for our recommended restaurants - or browse our directory and make your own mind up!

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There are 31 Prague restaurants on our website at present, and we update our listings frequently. There are Prague restaurants in our directory at present, and we update our listings daily. When looking for a place to eat in Prague, either use our search facility provided above, or browse through our restaurants directory. Prague has a splendid range of restaurants to choose from, so we're sure you'll find something to your taste. If you think we should have a listing of a restaurant which is not already on our site, please do write to us and let us know! We need your feedback to help us make Prague Life the most comprehensive guide in English to life in Prague!


Svata Klara
reviewed by Oleg
from Russia
on Nov.24.2013

"The food was absolutely amazing.We had exlusive menu , starting with caviar with champagne Krug snd ending with delicious dezzert. The wine pairing with each course is more than touchable and incredable enjpying on ur tongue and finally the proce comparing with the prices in other restaurants with this kind of high quality food is for us more than excellent. Dinner in this restaurant offering cheaper choices too including wines from Cz republic. My wife was more than imprest and can not stop speak about our experiance in this restaurant to all our friends. High recommended!!!! "

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Svata Klara
reviewed Nov.24.2013
"The food was absolutely amazing.We had exlusive menu , starting with caviar..."
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