Bohemia Bagel Restaurant

rated 98%
4 reviews

address: Ujezd 16

tel: +420 257310694

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Bohemia Bagel makes and serves fresh bagels - of course! - with cream cheese or as sandwiches, and in 15 flavours, including classic, poppy, chocolate chip, cheese and many others, with new kinds being dreamt up regularly. But not to seem limited, this bagel cafe also serves sandwiches on homemade baguettes, biscuits, hamburger buns and rye bread, as well as soups, vegetarian or pork chili, quiches, salads, and cookies and sweets to go with your coffee or tea. Try their breakfasts - with one called the "I don't want to go anywhere after this breakfast" breakfast, you're unlikely to leave unsatisfied. They even have real American pancakes, if you're sick of all the crepes masquerading as the real thing. Bohemia Bagel also feature an "express" stand in the New Town, on Tylovo Namesti, Prague 2.

Bohemia Bagel Restaurant

Excellent place to pick up your favouruite sandwich or for the English like me, a Friday fish 'n' chips!
Good value too.

reviewed by SAM from United Kingdom on Feb.04.2011

I can't stress how much I love this place! Great bagels and coffee, and the WiFi is just the icing on the cake.

reviewed by Chief from United Kingdom on Jun.07.2010

My favorite place for lunch in Prague!

reviewed by Olivia from United States on Oct.07.2010

A great place for lunch - the bagels are fresh, the selection of ingredients is great, and the overall atmosphere is perfect whether you're meeting friends or sitting alone with a book. I wish we had one of these in Poland!!

reviewed by Anya from Poland on Mar.12.2009



Svata Klara
reviewed Nov.24.2013
"The food was absolutely amazing.We had exlusive menu , starting with caviar..."
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