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address: Ricni 9

tel: +420 257327389

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This little cellar Mexican restaurant and bar is adorned in Mexican kitsch decor, from the traditional rugs on the ceilings to various knick-knacks all over the place. The best part of the menu is that it has pictures - so you don't have to guess what exactly a quesadilla is before you order it. While the menu itself isn't the most extensive, it is more or less authentic - or as authentic as you can get when you're 6,000 miles from Mexico. Try their crunchy tacos - if you can find them under all the salad. Their drink menu - also with pictures - offers margaritas, mojitos, and the standard range of cocktails.


Had a big shock when i went to go to this place last weekend and found it is now a Czech restaurant!! Such a shame...

reviewed by Andy Newman from Czech Republic on Feb.17.2012



Svata Klara
reviewed Nov.24.2013
"The food was absolutely amazing.We had exlusive menu , starting with caviar..."
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