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Named after the most eminent of Russian scribes, Cafe Puskin offers a taste of Moscow or St. Petersburg in the heart of Prague's Old Town. The menu features salads, cheese platters, even steak salads, seafood, and omelets. But beware - the salads are enormous, which is a good thing if you're as hungry as a Russian general. On the far wall there's a tiny portrait of Pushkin to pay tribute to. You'll find the cafe next to, appropriately enough, a Russian doll shop.

Cafe Puskin

I was in Prague for two times. Puskin is my favourite place. The food is excellent (the pork knuckle, the apple strudel, the beer). THe atmosphere is very, very nice. I like to eat in the basement. It's friendly. I miss Puskin. A lot.

reviewed by Alex from Romania on Jan.03.2013

the food was very good
snitzel and potato croquettes
very much and good taste
the price is ok

reviewed by starink from Netherlands on Sep.10.2011

The food was good enough, but the server got our order wrong then lied about it, the music was the worst of US top 40, and there's an ATM sticking into the restaurant from the street outside making lots of noise. The place only sits about 12 and there's a lot of foot traffic in and out of the place as they sell cigarettes. Really, if it's about the food, there are plenty of other places withing walking distance that serve the same or similar fare. I still think it's a cute place, just not cute enough

reviewed by Johnny McSmith from United States on Jan.05.2009

This is a little gem. A haven of peace after the hustle and bustle of the Charles Bridge. Unlike most of the neighbouring competition the Cafe Puskin has no need to employ canvassers on the street to attract custom. It trusts its reputation. For such a small establishment the menu is substantial and varied. The cooking is excellent (try the goulash with dumplings)and excellent value. Service is excellent and friendly and the whole atmosphere is relaxed. Unmissable!

reviewed by Tom Overrill from United Kingdom on Aug.24.2007



Svata Klara
reviewed Nov.24.2013
"The food was absolutely amazing.We had exlusive menu , starting with caviar..."
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