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address: Vodickova 21

tel: +420 222514559

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Boulevard Bageterie is like the McDonald's of sandwich shops - but unlike the latter, the former is fresh, good for you, and edible. At Boulevard Bageterie you can order a sandwich off the menu, or make your own. They'll even heat them up for you if you ask. The prices are very reasonable, and while the fact that it's a chain and the ordering process gives the place a bit of a fast food feel, the sandwiches are definitely good quality and the nice dining area offers a relaxing place to enjoy your meal.

Boulevard Bageterie

Great place! The sandwiches are fresh and with good ingrediants. I recommend taking on train

reviewed by Jan from Slovak Republic on Jul.28.2010

Its one of my favourite places. The food is fresh and tasty. The prices reasonable. You get to choose what kind of baguette you would like. I love their latte. Besides, they've got really good breakfast menus. Way better than McDonald and KFC. :)

reviewed by Caprese from Czech Republic on Nov.03.2010



Svata Klara
reviewed Nov.24.2013
"The food was absolutely amazing.We had exlusive menu , starting with caviar..."
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