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Prague may be most famous most of all for her stunning good looks, but she sure knows how to throw parties of every shape and size as well. Whatever it is you fancy getting up to in Bohemia, Prague is sure to offer something up your proverbial alley... A year-round calendar of top opera, ballet and theatre is complimented by a winning programme of annual events such as the Prague International Jazz Festival and the Karlovy Vary IFF. Get involved!

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Want to know exactly what's going on when? Then simply click on our month by month guides. We'll use our astute powers of selection to suggest some highlights for each lunar cycle in the realms of drama, music, sport, dance - and just about anything else! Now all that remains to be done is for you to attend...

Above: Giant fluorscent insects are a problem this time of year

Left: Macbeth with a Live and Let Die twist

Below: Smile like you mean it

Prague events

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reviewed by Marko from Serbia on Oct.21.2013

Searching for "high culture" in Prague? Next Sunday, 24th June, St, John´s concert in Virgin Mary near st. Wenceslas´ square. Artists playing for free, money going to Africa.

reviewed by Johnny from Czech Republic on Jun.18.2012

YO MAMA, you're a bit a of a twat. Just like yo Mama !!!!

reviewed by Halal from Algeria on Jan.14.2010

I've never been to Prague nor in any other countries. But I love Prague because it showcases not only the culture but of other cultures too. I am an artist from the beautiful island of Mindanao. I belong to the 13 ethno-linguistic peope of the Philippines. We hold the longest epic of our country and is said to be the next to Mahabharata of India. Our unique culture has been preserved despite foreign influx. Our Darangen epic has been proclaimed by the UNESCO in 2005 as one of the 43 Masterpieces of Oral Heritage. I hope one day I could show you how beautiful our culture.

reviewed by Saidali Unda Hadji Malic from Philippines on Dec.05.2009

The legal drinking age in the Czech Republic is 18, but most clubs won't card you unless you look really young.

reviewed by Ania from Czech Republic on Mar.03.2009

what is the age restrictions in pubs and clubs in prague

reviewed by craig from United Kingdom on Mar.02.2009


reviewed by yo mama from United States on Feb.21.2008

Escape to Paradise
reviewed on Apr.09.2015
"To much drag acts, use to be good but now rubbish.. Boys just after your mo..."
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Chess Play In Prague Open Space
Town halls in Prague 1 and Prague 2 approve plans to install ‘chess tables’ in public spaces. The chess tables with pawns will be installed ...