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address: U TrojskČho z·mku 3/120

tel: +42 (296) 112 111

fax: +42 (296) 112 111

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In our experience, nothing sates the crankiness of a bored child quite like lots of cute (and not so cute) animals. Penguins especially seem to have the gift of putting a smile on even the surliest of children, which makes the recent addition of a modernised penguin area particularly welcome. The animals are very well looked after and you can tell that the keepers really care about them, a fact reflected in the fact that you'll see few obviously depressed; the animals we mean, not the keepers, though they seemed happy too. Prague zoo is very large and it will probably take you an entire day to see it.

Prague Zoo

czech out the Zoo, make a full day of it. Bus route A1 Go see the gorilla and the big cats. Read how the Zoo was affected by the flood.

reviewed by lin from United Kingdom on Mar.22.2009

Prague zoo was awesome. So many cool animals. The reptile house was pretty creepy but i loved the penguins. It was a little out of town but easily worth going to if you are spending more than a couple of days in Prague

reviewed by Liz from United States on Mar.13.2008



Bio Oko
reviewed Jul.15.2012
"Omg this is sooo amazing! I'm so happy to find out this place!! ..."
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