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Some prefer to do it alone, others like it in pairs, and you'll even find people who refuse to do it unless they're part of a group - whichever way you choose, there isn't much that gets the adrenaline pumping faster than jumping out of a plane up to 4,200 metres (13,000 feet) above the ground (that'll have you freefalling at the speed of more than 200 km/h for about one minute !). Sky Service, based in Prague's Old Town, offers skydiving for all levels. If you've never done this kind of thing before, they can provide full training and all of the equipment you need for a tandem jump with an experienced instructor. For the more advanced thrill-seeker, specialisms such as Relative Work, Freeflying and landing accuracy courses are available. If the idea of flinging yourself out of a plane that isn't actually on fire doesn't appeal, you could of course take one of Sky Service's sightseeing flights - though you will be green with envy when your mates are talking about their jumps in the bar later on...
Free transport is included to the airports.

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A friend and I travelled to Prague in early April 2012. It was their off season, so they only offered jumps on the weekends. Our trip didn't include a weekend but when we contacted Sky Service, they took our information and told us that they would let us know if they had enough people interested to schedule something during the week. As promised we got the message and completed a jump. The transport to the airport was comfortable and everything went as planned and promised. Just make sure that you ask to steer the chute and don't forget to ask for your t-shirt if you want it. Steve spoke great English and was very helpful. I highly recommend their services.

reviewed by David from United States on May.13.2012



Bio Oko
reviewed Jul.15.2012
"Omg this is sooo amazing! I'm so happy to find out this place!! ..."
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