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address: Nadvorni 134

tel: +420 234148111

fax: +420 233542629

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Prague is lucky enough to have two botanical gardens (Botanicka zahrada), one on Nadvorni and one at Na slupi 8, beside the Prague zoo. The garden on Nadvorni features a relaxing Japanese garden, while the Na slupi location was Prague's first botanical garden, founded in the l4th century by Charles IV. Be sure to catch the giant water lily, Victoria cruziana, whose huge leaves can support a small child - always a good threat for misbehaving children. Both gardens feature greenhouses and a variety of greenery (and colourful flowers) that make their residence there year-round.

Prague Botanical Garden

amazingly relaxing after a crazy night in prague

reviewed by meg from United Kingdom on Jul.15.2010

really pretty and best of all - free! so perfect for a short stroll in the spring and summer.

reviewed by Dagny from Poland on Mar.19.2007



Bio Oko
reviewed Jul.15.2012
"Omg this is sooo amazing! I'm so happy to find out this place!! ..."
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