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address: Frantiska Krizka 15

tel: +420 233382606

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The Oko ("eye" in Czech) theatre specializes in films not showing elsewhere in Prague, particularly cult classics, older cinema, and hard-to-find foreign independent films. The cinema has been a Prague cultural institution since 1939, and has witnessed much of the turbulent history that's inevitably also a part of Czech cinema. The Oko generally shows a wide selection of films in English, usually subtitled in Czech, and lists the current English films on their website.

Bio Oko

Omg this is sooo amazing! I'm so happy to find out this place!!

reviewed by Giiang from Vietnam on Jul.15.2012

They even have movies in English!

reviewed by Timothy from United States on May.19.2010

Reminds you of the excitement of cinema. I had not been to such a place for years (multiplexes these days) - and had totally forgotten how good cinema can be, instead of the mass-market rubbish forced upon us now by the big chain cinemas. Go!

reviewed by Neil from United Kingdom on Sep.29.2010

Love this cinema!!

reviewed by Art from United States on Mar.12.2009



Bio Oko
reviewed Jul.15.2012
"Omg this is sooo amazing! I'm so happy to find out this place!! ..."
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