Prague entertainment reviews

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Sky Service

A friend and I travelled to Prague in early April 2012. It was their off season, so they only offered jumps on the weekends. Our trip didn't include a weekend but when we contacted Sky Service, they took our information and told us that they would let us know if they had enough people interested to schedule something during the week. As promised we got the message and completed a jump. The transport to the airport was comfortable and everything went as planned and promised. Just make sure that you ask to steer the chute and don't forget to ask for your t-shirt if you want it. Steve spoke great English and was very helpful. I highly recommend their services.

reviewed by David from United States on May.13.2012

Palace Cinemas Slovansky Dum

Best place in Prague to catch a film in English. Right in the centre of town too.

reviewed by SAM from United Kingdom on Feb.04.2011

Prague Botanical Garden

amazingly relaxing after a crazy night in prague

reviewed by meg from United Kingdom on Jul.15.2010

Kino Aero

An interesting place. They have movies but also a photo gallery and concert films. If you live in Prague, this will become a favored place.

reviewed by Q from Germany on Jun.22.2010

Bio Oko

They even have movies in English!

reviewed by Timothy from United States on May.19.2010

Atlas Art Kino

Absolutely one of my favorite places to watch a film in Prague.

reviewed by Charles from United Kingdom on Apr.08.2010

Bio Oko

Reminds you of the excitement of cinema. I had not been to such a place for years (multiplexes these days) - and had totally forgotten how good cinema can be, instead of the mass-market rubbish forced upon us now by the big chain cinemas. Go!

reviewed by Neil from United Kingdom on Sep.29.2010

Prague Zoo

czech out the Zoo, make a full day of it. Bus route A1 Go see the gorilla and the big cats. Read how the Zoo was affected by the flood.

reviewed by lin from United Kingdom on Mar.22.2009

Bio Oko

Love this cinema!!

reviewed by Art from United States on Mar.12.2009

Prague Zoo

Prague zoo was awesome. So many cool animals. The reptile house was pretty creepy but i loved the penguins. It was a little out of town but easily worth going to if you are spending more than a couple of days in Prague

reviewed by Liz from United States on Mar.13.2008

Velka Chuchle

Although it is nice to see that Velka Chuchle has somehow managed to find it's way onto the internet, the facts are a bit wrong. To begin with, the racetrack is not open every day, or every weekend for that matter. Second, and perhaps more importantly, the idea of a day at races, while conjuring images of "My Fair Lady", hardly compares to such venues in other parts of Europe. One look at the state of this facility will attest to the attitude of management. This is a sad reminder of the criminals that still permeate Czech society. If you wish to enjoy a day at the races while in the Czech Republic, it is better to look further from Prague to Pardubice or Karlovy Vary. Keep in mind, however, that activities such as equestrian, golf and spas, while a big emphasis of the Czech Tourism Authority have a long way to go before they are up to speed with customer service standards of other West European countries. You may find yourself subjected to the arrogant attitudes of newly rich Czechs who cannot give a damn about your comfort or satisfaction. Be prepared for lots of second hand smoke and long lines. This is not a good place for family outing.

reviewed by Thomas Zahn from Czech Republic on Jul.21.2007

Kino Lucerna

Really gorgeous - absolutely worth checking out. Even if the movie sucks, you can feel better knowing you didn't blow your money because you at least got to see the beautiful interior of a historic cinema.

reviewed by Dagny from Poland on May.31.2007

Prague Botanical Garden

really pretty and best of all - free! so perfect for a short stroll in the spring and summer.

reviewed by Dagny from Poland on Mar.19.2007

Kart Centrum Radotin

Great fun! About 20 of us turned up and spent the entire afternoon there, with competitions organised between ourselves. There was lots of (small) crashes at first while we got used to the speed (much faster than what you normally get) but by the end of the day we were horsing round in record time!

reviewed by Josh Ford from United Kingdom on May.11.2006

Palace Gardens

Beautiful and absorbing, but watch your step on the stairs if it's raining, as they are quite steep!

reviewed by Hamish Robertson from United Kingdom on Dec.11.2005