Smokin' the Grass...

…and we don’t mean the grass at Palace Gardens! Prague has been called “the Amsterdam of the east” for good reason; its liberal laws and liberal policies mean that the city has earned a reputation of being pot-friendly, and an estimated 400,000 marijuana users are largely ignored by the authorities and tolerated by most everyone – not that we recommend that sort of thing…

However, if you’re inclined to toke the chronic, we recommend… err, we heard that it’s best not to buy it off the street, but rather ask around, particularly at more chill bars or at concerts. If you get a whiff of some wacky tobacky while you’re at a concert or bar, politely ask the holder of said hippie lettuce if he knows where to buy, or perhaps if he’ll sell you some of his. Some bars even have their own dealers who hang around, so courteously asking the barman may work as well. Whatever you do, never buy from a dealer who walks up to you in the street, or most often the train station. Next to cabbies ripping off tourists, so-called “dealers” are the most notorious for taking your green with no green in return, often giving you a half-second peek at something that looks like ganja but is more likely oregano, and running off with your cash after mumbling something about seeing a cop. Remember, if it looks and feels shady, it probably is.

So is it legal? Well, here are the facts:

Section 187a (1) A person who keeps, without authorization, a narcotic or psychotropic substance or a poison in a quantity greater than small shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of up to two years or by a pecuniary penalty.

Technically, smoking and possessing marijuana is illegal in Prague and the Czech Republic, though the marijuana legalization movement in the city is highly active. Under the current law on drugs, people can possess "not more than a small amount" of marijuana, though what constitutes a "small amount" is not specified, but it’s generally understood as less than 4 grams. If caught, the fine is a slap on the hand costing you 1000 kc, and you might even get to keep the weed if you’re lucky. The 1999 law is under pressure to be changed, particularly to separate marijuana from “hard” drugs, both in definition and punishment.

But what’s the reality?

In practice, small amounts for personal use are generally allowed or might land you a minor fine at worst. In fact, even if a cop happens to walk into a bar as you’re lighting up, just discreetly put it out and most likely they won’t even say anything to you. And, most pubs and non-tourist bars outside of the center allow you to smoke inside, though it’s polite to ask the barman first. We’ve heard rumours of U Sudu being weed-friendly, for example. Don’t try lighting some skunk at a dance club though, unless you want Jiri the bouncer’s fists to send you on a trip stronger than any chronic.

What about quality and price?

At the moment, the going rate for herb is about 250 kc per gram, though tourists tend to be charged double. Even at the double rate, it’s more affordable than Amsterdam or the usual prices in the U.S. or UK. As far as quality, it’s definitely more kind bud than shwag – usually straight from the cannabis capital itself, Amsterdam, and packing a punch. Unlike Americans, Europeans mix their skunk with tobacco when making joints, so don’t try to smoke it straight unless you’d like to see pink elephants doing the tango around Wenceslas Square. If hash is more your bag than bud, it can be obtained from reputable dealers, though it’s more rare and might be more pricey than plain old reefer.

Basically, if you’re planning to get high in Prague, be kind and respectful to authorities and owners of establishments, and the bud will be kind to you. If you’re not causing a problem, no one will mind if you bring your friend Mary Jane to a concert or park.

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Hi all. Can u pls help. In prague now. Looking for a hook up asap. Thanks heaps.

reviewed by Kraken from Czech Republic on Mar.29.2015

In the city from Friday. Any advice on where or from whom can buy some stuff? Thanks

reviewed by Robert from Italy on Mar.25.2015

i am in Prague, how can i do for find some place to buy ? I ve heard some weird scamm ...


reviewed by tost from France on Mar.24.2015

How does it look like? Is it possible to contact Emily?

reviewed by Me from United States on Mar.17.2015

Em is around but not interested in meeting new clients, just dealing with a trusted circle. I should know, we're friends.

reviewed by Art from Czech Republic on Mar.11.2015

in prague 5. need help

reviewed by mk from Germany on Mar.08.2015

Hey there, i live in Prague and I like to relax from time to time with our friend MJ.

reviewed by Max from Italy on Mar.07.2015

hello, i am from holland and i go for my job 6 weeks to prague. i feel my sick if i think about no weed in prague.
maybe some one can fix sampthing?

reviewed by dizzywizz from Netherlands on Feb.13.2015

hey man, gonna be in praha till monday, would love to find some godd stuff

reviewed by Andre from Portugal on Feb.11.2015

Imma be in prague tomorrow really need a hook up.

reviewed by nick from Sweden on Feb.07.2015

We are heading to Prague this weekend and we like to hook up with someone who has pretty stuff. Email me pls!

reviewed by Mischak from Hungary on Feb.06.2015

Someone can hook me up with some quality? Kisses

reviewed by Jamila from Czech Republic on Jan.25.2015

Hello guys
I will be in praha for the weekend, can anyone please help me get some green to start my eurotrip right ?
Please and Thanks :))

reviewed by Karl S from Lebanon on Jan.15.2015

I found a great facebook group called 'smoking weed in prague' and they have meetings where you can sit and smoke and relax with locals which is pretty cool, never saw it before outside of the dam!

reviewed by Martin from United States on Dec.22.2014

Currently some supplier issue, just give me some time

Thanks for understanding

reviewed by F from United States on Dec.14.2014

have someone the email of emilie or can he email me pls..? :)

reviewed by Ryan_Olley from Germany on Dec.07.2014

hey I gonna be in Prague in two days. Was wondering if Emille could hook it up.

reviewed by Anders from United States on Nov.26.2014

In prague now and i need a hoock up?

reviewed by cool Herc from Sweden on Nov.22.2014

Hey! I'll be in Prague starting tonight for a week, and tips on where to get some green would be really appreciated!

reviewed by Joe boustany from United Kingdom on Nov.22.2014

In Prague and looking, is emilie available?

reviewed by Ben from United States on Nov.20.2014

pls emelie contact me i need u :)

reviewed by danny from United States on Nov.14.2014

i `m in prague now and i need to contact with emelie. pls emelie if u read this contact me :)

reviewed by Danny from Bulgaria on Nov.14.2014

Anyone got an email for Emille ?
Hit me up if u can hook me up please...

reviewed by JD from Australia on Nov.12.2014

Anyone got an email for Emille ?

reviewed by JD from Australia on Nov.12.2014

Hey im in prague near old town
Can anyone help to get some special herb? Pls email me!

reviewed by Diane from United States on Nov.09.2014

Every one is talking about Emilee...but how do i contact him/her ? what's her email.

Please help this fellow smoker

reviewed by Anand Unnikrishnan from India on Nov.09.2014

In town for one more night if anyone could help me out. Emilie still around?

reviewed by Todd from United States on Oct.20.2014

Sup I'll be in Prague 24-26th of November, anyone that could help me find some?

reviewed by Mark from Hungary on Oct.20.2014

me and my wife are in praha tomorrow. plz help us!!!

reviewed by oli from Hungary on Oct.13.2014

me and my wife are in praha tomorrow and after tomorrow.
we want to smoke... in hungary is the qualitat very strong. if anybody can help us pls contact me! thanks!!

reviewed by oli from Hungary on Oct.13.2014

hello guys, im going to prague in 2 weeks time for 4 days and i need an ounce of amazing weed to smoke, can somebody hook me up with someone loyal and trustworthy and most importantly can get amazing weed.

reviewed by ben from United Kingdom on Oct.08.2014

In prague from the 4th-11th of october 2014. can anyone hook a brother up?

reviewed by charlie from Australia on Oct.04.2014

Can anyone merge me with emillie? Please contant me.

reviewed by Davor from Serbia on Sep.21.2014

Most of these reviews are old and the dealers no longer exist ant. I am here in Prague and I can get product for 150kc a gram to 300kc a gram depending on what it is. Drop your friendly canadian toker girl an email

reviewed by Mary Jade from Bermuda on Sep.14.2014

Can anyone help me out will be in Prague in about a week.

reviewed by Vladislav from Estonia on Sep.05.2014

YO! In Prague & need a hook up! Email me please :) 03/09/2014

reviewed by Samwise from Australia on Sep.03.2014

Hey, just arrived in Prague today, can any one can hook me up with a few grams??

reviewed by Ken Tremendous from Ireland on Sep.03.2014

I can get good hash for 100-150 a gram depending on the quantity wanted.

reviewed by Mary Jade from United States on Aug.24.2014

hey guys, MJ here, your friendly local canadian toker girl :)

So I live in prague and actually have the luxury for working with a medical MJ firm, so my job is basically to get stoned and work out better ways to get stoned :)

so that being said I know a thing or 2 about the prague scene and I want to write a little article for you if you are comming here.

Lots of people have heard that prague is the 'amsterdam of the east' well there is a common misconception that this refers to the weed laws, and it does not really.

basically the SEX industry laws here are lax, there is a lot of prostitution and cheep beer so stag dos come here to get drunk and hope to fuck. THAT is what makes it the ADOFTE.

True, the drug laws here are not bad, but to be honest berlin is looser, Canada is getting there and now even states in the US are overtaing it. OK if you want to come to a place where you can get off with a slap on the wrist/small beating for having some filthy pills or heroin on you then for sure prague is great, but if you are a toker, its not 100% ok to just light up and smile.

THAT BEING SAID you will NOT find a big problem here simply for smoking- as long as you just keep it to yourself and dont DONT DONT start falling for the trap of asking barmen 'hey man wheres the weed at?' in the loudest american accent you can. Come on guys.....

you will see a lot of african men in wenclas offering product which can be good or it can be fake. its really one of those things that no matter what someone says, it just depends on if you were lucky or not. Expect to pay 250-500 depending on if someone likes your face and how dumb you look. Or ask around to people who are smoking- but dont just barge up to them half drunk and shout HEY MAN FUCKIN A GIVE ME SOME POT DUDE! or shout across the square to your buddy 'DAVE OVER HERE IVE SCORED!!!' at least be nice and polite and maybe ask the person smoking the time, where a cool bar is, THEN ask if they can load you up! You might score good- locals pay 100-250 a gram depending on the quality, the time of year and what colour the moon is. (if you didnt know drug dealing is a supply and demand market!)

If you get stuck, shoot me a line and i can point you in the right direction to buy for 100-150 local price, IF you dont sound like a douche on your profile thats going to F***K it up for the rest of us.



reviewed by Mary Jade from United States on Aug.24.2014

I`m in Prague from 23rd August for my graduation trip with my school and i was wondering if someone could help me

reviewed by Ivan from Croatia on Aug.20.2014

I've got a pretty good source for hash and only 200-kc a gram when I buy in bulk...... if anyone wants to buddy up with me for a purchase (5 grams or more) then hit me up!

reviewed by Krissy from Czech Republic on Aug.20.2014

I need to get in touch with the infamous Mr. E,
Not able to find his email.
If anyone can help hook a dude up?!

reviewed by Sorg from Cyprus on Aug.13.2014

hi there, is emilie around on Thu 21st August? Please mail me. Big up!

reviewed by Kiddosquiddo from Poland on Aug.07.2014

will be visiting prague this Thursday and looking for bud!

reviewed by duko from United States on Aug.05.2014

We are in Prague today, went to some bars but nothing seem to happen is there any way to get any help? Thanks in advance

reviewed by Michael from Italy on Aug.04.2014

i know wher you can take beer and smok joint with out problem,.prag is magic city,.lat me know and it well be fun for you,

reviewed by Big boy from Czech Republic on Aug.02.2014

H everyone !
I'm coming to Prague today the 31/07 and this site seems to be the best place to find pot in prague,
So if anybody could hook me up it would be awesome :)
My mail adress is
Thank you in advance :)

reviewed by Asimhut from United States on Jul.31.2014


reviewed by vox vox from Czech Republic on Jul.24.2014

Looking for that good green. Visiting from Colorado. Email me...

reviewed by KJ Slater from United States on Jul.18.2014

Will be in Prague July 25-30. Looking for best herbs.

reviewed by Alex from Canada on Jul.16.2014

I'm in Prague now, near old town. Can anyone please hook it up??

reviewed by Sasha from United States on Jul.16.2014

Hey guys, anyone able and willing to help a fella out? Looking for some quality green, willing to pay more if it's worth it. Is the mentioned contact "Emilie" still active? If not, can anyone recommend someone else? Thanks in advance!

reviewed by JGJoe from Czech Republic on Jul.13.2014

Thanks for the infos, but one question? Is Emilie still around?

reviewed by Dragana from Bosnia on Jul.12.2014

Hi my wife and I are coming to Prague for a short well deserved break on the 27th July. I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to get in touch to my email who could possibly help us out like the other posters on this page. Many thanks

reviewed by Benji from United Kingdom on Jun.28.2014

love prague, love smoking, this site seems bang on. Any chance of a hook up for July 5/6th weekend?

reviewed by Owen from Ireland on Jun.12.2014

Greetings! Wife and I in Prague 1st week of June, would love to get some green!

reviewed by Mike from South Africa on May.21.2014

I and my girlfried will be in prauge till the 16th.
Can you please help us out?


reviewed by Shimon from Ukraine on May.11.2014

I will be in Prauge on 12/05. Can anyone please hook me up?

reviewed by Dima from Ukraine on Apr.21.2014

Im looking to score some dope ass weed in Prague 29th March. Is this Emilie dude around still? Holla back someone please. Cheers

reviewed by Unique from United Kingdom on Mar.13.2014

Please send a message if u can help me in prague.
Im There from 4 april to 8 april!Please help!!

reviewed by christian from Norway on Mar.13.2014

In Prague March 6th through 10th, can anyone hook a canadian bro up?

reviewed by mike from Canada on Feb.27.2014

Hi, tomorrow I will be in Prague (8.02). I'm looking for something to smoke. Can anybody help me?

reviewed by Piotr from Poland on Feb.07.2014

This site seems spot on, going to Prague mid Feb this year, can anyone help sort me out? Cheers!

reviewed by Luke Stowe from United Kingdom on Feb.02.2014

I'm going for Erasmus and wondering if there's any recommend bars/cafés to get hold of the chron?

reviewed by Callum from United Kingdom on Jan.31.2014

I'm coming to Prague in February, can anybody hook me up with some green?

reviewed by Philip from Sweden on Dec.08.2013

I see the Tulip Cafe has closed down what bars can you still go to that is open and you can get a bit of puff? I'm coming over for Black Sabbath on the 7th of Dec.

reviewed by Dave R from United Kingdom on Oct.22.2013

Will be in prague from 7-10th November can any one hook me up please?

reviewed by shahar from Israel on Oct.21.2013

We are arriving in Prague at 13th november. Can someone give me a contact or some informations, where can I buy some weed and some other things.Please write...

reviewed by Marko from Serbia on Oct.21.2013

Looking to buy weed in Prague in November, please send me an email if you can help (:

reviewed by Itay from United States on Oct.17.2013

can anybody help me, im in erasmus and i want some.. =)=)

reviewed by carpe from Spain on Oct.14.2013

my friend and me just moved to prague and are looking for some. please drop me a line if you know/have something good in terms of quantity and quality -


reviewed by Dav from Czech Republic on Sep.17.2013

Hi, iam until the 18.09. in Prague in the Hilton Hotel in Pobrezni.
Pls send me, i can get weed near around the hotel.

reviewed by ln3 from Austria on Sep.17.2013

I'm in Prague for anther week or so, looking for a nice setup.
if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be great.

reviewed by Weed guy from United Kingdom on Sep.11.2013

Will be in prague from 10-13th sept any one hook me up?

reviewed by Tobyg from United Kingdom on Sep.06.2013

can anyone hook me up with some quality weed in prague? im arriving today evening, please contact me

reviewed by Andi from Austria on Sep.03.2013