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There's a whole range of things that it's handy to know when you're in a foreign city, but often it's difficult unless you know the language. Fear no more: whether you need a hairdresser, taxi, internet cafe, or lawyer (we won't ask why!) you can find them here. If, like us, you fall so deeply in love with the city that you want to move here, then you'll be needing the services of an estate agent! See our recommended services in the Editor's Choice.

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AAA Taxi
reviewed by Elena
from Israel
on Apr.19.2014

"Taxi AAA, what a scam! Unfair advertising on AAA website! My previous visit to Prague was more than 10 years ago. I love Prague very much and I was looking forward to seeing this beautiful city again. But in the first day of my visit I encountered with some unpleasant thing that spoiled my holiday mood. I arrived in Prague on Apr 18, 2014 about 11:30 and immediately after arrival I took a taxi AAA, directly in front of the arrival hall. Before the trip I have tried to order a taxi AAA online, but as it was declared on the site,there is no need to pre-order taxi from the Prague Airport, because there are always AAA taxis available in front of the airport terminal. AAA site promised fixed (and cheapest!) prices for transfer from the airport to the city, for example, to Zone 1 the fixed price is 490 CZK (Transfer price is guaranteed up to 28 CZK/km). It was my fault, I did not ask about the price before I enter the taxi, because I did not feel well after the flight, and was really sure it will be the same price that declared in the AAA website. In short, elderly taxi driver (Skoda with AAA letters) took me to Bilkova Street, Prague 1 for 30 euro. Moreover, he tried to convince me that I misinformed and 500 CZK it is a price for transfer of 2 persons from the airport to the center by bus. Ashamed of you AAA taxi company! I will never use this service and will not recommend it to my friends. P.S. After reading other AAA customers reviews, I realized that my case is not the worst one. "

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AAA Taxi
reviewed Apr.19.2014
"Taxi AAA, what a scam! Unfair advertising on AAA website! My previous visi..."
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