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AAA Taxi

Do not use this company. Got cheated over by a taxi driver once reaching my destination. Was supposed to be charged 146 CZK and was charged 280 CZK... did not have enough CZK therfore was further charged 15 euro. disgusting and so pissing off ! we found absolutely no traffic on the way. do not use AAA Prague! as a tourist i feel so cheated! and its not about the money ! its judt really degrading to be cheated like a fool !!!!

reviewed by luke from Malta on Mar.14.2015

Royal Rent

not good.

reviewed by volt from Russia on May.09.2014

AAA Taxi

Taxi AAA, what a scam! Unfair advertising on AAA website! My previous visit to Prague was more than 10 years ago. I love Prague very much and I was looking forward to seeing this beautiful city again. But in the first day of my visit I encountered with some unpleasant thing that spoiled my holiday mood. I arrived in Prague on Apr 18, 2014 about 11:30 and immediately after arrival I took a taxi AAA, directly in front of the arrival hall. Before the trip I have tried to order a taxi AAA online, but as it was declared on the site,there is no need to pre-order taxi from the Prague Airport, because there are always AAA taxis available in front of the airport terminal. AAA site promised fixed (and cheapest!) prices for transfer from the airport to the city, for example, to Zone 1 the fixed price is 490 CZK (Transfer price is guaranteed up to 28 CZK/km). It was my fault, I did not ask about the price before I enter the taxi, because I did not feel well after the flight, and was really sure it will be the same price that declared in the AAA website. In short, elderly taxi driver (Skoda with AAA letters) took me to Bilkova Street, Prague 1 for 30 euro. Moreover, he tried to convince me that I misinformed and 500 CZK it is a price for transfer of 2 persons from the airport to the center by bus. Ashamed of you AAA taxi company! I will never use this service and will not recommend it to my friends. P.S. After reading other AAA customers reviews, I realized that my case is not the worst one.

reviewed by Elena from Israel on Apr.19.2014

AAA Taxi

Horrible horrible service. Arrived today and got an AAA taxi at the airport. When the driver saw our two little kids, he rolled his eyes and made it clear we were not welcome. After the taxi ride, he yelled at us for a piece of paper my infant daughter dropped on the floor and some crumbs my son left on the seat. After I cleaned the seat, I paid the driver who drove off without giving me my change! Awful service!!!!

reviewed by Olga from United States on Jul.05.2013

AAA Taxi

Stop AAA or Stop tourism I am a tourist and writing this email as an official Complaint for the extra money taken by your driver.I feel cheated and let down by your AAA services and your thereby your Country as well. I had taken a taxi from Airport to President Hotel and was given a coupon to be used on my return journey. Yesterday 7th June 2013 when I produced that Coupon to the lady driver she refused to offer discount and charges me 547koruna from Hotel President to Airport. I had to catch my flight and had no other option except to pay the amount to her. I feel that I have been fooled by yourselves and require an explanation to this behavior and incorrect charges.

reviewed by Sharan from United Kingdom on Jun.09.2013

AAA Taxi

Those AAA-taxi drivers are robbers like almost any other taxi´s in Prague... I had to pay double what is the "Official price / km", so do not believe their "honest guys yelling". But anyway, thanks for that robber I decided to use public transport back to airport, was faster than taxi really and cost almost nothing... So lesson for u: in long run AAA-taxi will loose; next time when I´m in Prague, I do not need u robbers anymore...

reviewed by Matti from Finland on Sep.17.2012

AAA Taxi

We arrived on the morning of 15th August from Paris and were surprised by the attitude of the lady at the counter. While I took my son to the toilet, my husband went to enquire about the taxi, when I came back he went to the toilet after he was back and we went back to the taxi counter. I approached the counter ,she was talking on the mobile phone and after a moment she attended to my husband, then I heard she complained that the taxi driver was here just now and asked where we were, my husband told her sorry we were at the toilet and she asked me why didn't he tell her. She then rudely asked if we still wanted the taxi, and my husband said yes, then told her if she cannot be polite she should not work at the counter, she raised her voice and said it was my husband's fault for not telling her we had to go to the toilet. My husband told her we wanted the taxi in 5 minute when he went enquired, so we were not sure what the fuss was all about. I was not sure what made her so angry, as the taxi was just outside and she also used a walkie-talkie to call the driver. For a moment I thought it was rude if you do not informed Czech people when you go to the toilet, then I realised it was not the case as well. Perhaps she was talking to her new boyfriend and was angry she was interrupted 2 times by 1 customer. Anyway after 1 day we realised most Czech people are nice and friendly, it was just our luck we had an unpleasant 1st counter.

reviewed by Christine Lee from Malaysia on Aug.26.2012

AAA Taxi

I and my family wisited Prague on the14th of July 2012. Before coming to Prague I was aware of AAA Airport Shuttle, so we went to the AAA desk at the airport and said that we had wanted to go to our hotel which was Best Western Premier Hotel Majestic Plaza, Štěpánská 33, Prag, 11000. The woman at the desk said that the Shuttle had only one stop and it had been very close to our hotel; so we paid and took the shuttle. As you will guess we had to get off in a completely different place far from our hotel with our heavy luggage.

reviewed by melis onen from Turkey on Jul.23.2012

AAA Taxi

Ordered online (nam W Churchilla to the Airport) and car was there when promised. Problem is, the driver was a madman. He drove in complete disregard of any traffic rule or regulation known to man, overspeeding, cruising from lane to lane, often with inches to spare from buses or other cars, and generally ignoring anyone else on the road. He almost hit a poor man going over the road. And, of course, the streets were icy and snowy and dangerous, even if you weren't risking everything. The adventure cost me 514 kc, which is OK, I guess, but I'd pay more for a safe journey.

reviewed by Ari from Sweden on Feb.13.2012

AAA Taxi

From the airport you can also use 111 taxi and they seem to be better. Alternatively take the airport express bus which costs only 60 K

reviewed by Mark from United States on Jan.07.2012

AAA Taxi

Ohh! incredibly dirty car, the driver didnt know the way so he had to go back twice which made the journey 1/3 more expensive....I called them afterwards to complain but noone cared! Dont drive with them is my advice.

reviewed by Samantha from United Kingdom on Jul.23.2011

AAA Taxi

Well I travelled AAA couple of times and every time it was horrible..their cars smell of smoke, the drivers are rude and dont speak any languages and they are not the cheapest anyways :-((((( Sorry for the double review but first time i didnt notice the rating.

reviewed by Jackie Jones from United States on Jul.21.2011

AAA Taxi

I travel in and out of Prague all the time and have AAA saved on my phone as they are brilliant. Quick, reliable and reasonably priced. They turn up when they say they will, in good, clean cars and I've never knowingly been ripped off. Very high recommend.

reviewed by Liz McLoughlin from United Kingdom on Jun.01.2011

AAA Taxi

Rip-off! First, I went to the AAA box at the airport, the person at the counter said that the price would be 580. After I took the taxi and arrived at the hotel, the driver charged me 680. Anyway, they gave me a coupon for the way back to the airport, promising 47% discount. They said you could take the taxi at several points of the city. I went to the point of I. Pavlova and there were 4 taxis there, none of them wanted to accept the coupon. Totally rip-off, bad experience. At the end I took the metro and then bus to the airport. It only costs 70 in total.

reviewed by Jorge H from United Kingdom on Apr.11.2011

Royal Rent

me gusta ver esta pagina por lo que muestran

reviewed by carlos from Colombia on Sep.20.2010

AAA Taxi

Generally good service, but make sure you get an estimate of the price up front, so you don't get ripped off.

reviewed by Tom from United Kingdom on Jul.16.2010


basic, but there when you need it

reviewed by kevin from United States on Jun.28.2010


My friends speak quite highly of their services.

reviewed by Geneva from United States on May.17.2010


I love Avis. Great cars. Prague's a bit tough to drive in, but Czech is great by car.

reviewed by Edie from United States on Apr.12.2010

AAA Taxi

In general, we've had good experiences with AAA and would consider ourselves good customers, as we have used them very often. However in recent weeks, they seem to be deteriorating, with more and more unpleasant drivers and dirty cars turning up. As just the most recent example, my wife (who is Czech) was recently short changed of 100kc. The bill was 370kc (we have the receipt), she handed the driver 480kc in 2x200kc 1x50kc notes, and 30kc in two coins, and spoke 'trista-osmdesat' - that includes a 10kc tip! The driver handed her the receipt, but not the 100kc she was owed - it wasn't until stepping out of the car that she realized this. She tried unsuccessfully to wave down the driver, who drove off immediately. She immediately called to AAA dispatching to try to get the driver to return with the owed money. On the first call, the rude and unpleasant dispatcher claimed that it was my wife's fault that the 100kc was not returnedm, and downright refused to do anything about it. On the second call to dispatching, my wife spoke to somebody else who was more helpful. She was told that the driver had agreed to return to our address, to deliver the 100kc, and would be there shortly. However, after a few minutes, my wife then received a call from dispatching, informing her that the driver had 'changed his mind' and was now refusing to return the money. What a joke. Clearly the company refuses to take responsibility for the actions of its drivers.

reviewed by Brian Fearon from Czech Republic on Dec.15.2009

AAA Taxi

very good service

reviewed by rene from Czech Republic on Jul.14.2009

AAA Taxi

I believe I was ripped off by this company. The fare to my hotel was never more than 400, with this company...900! The meter was turning like they where seconds. Probably tampered with. So from the Square to Hotel Villa (Okrajni 1, 100 00 Praha 10: 900 with AAA taxi, other taxis: between 300 and 350.

reviewed by Daniel from Canada on May.05.2009

Prague Airport

No problems here at all - though the airport seems a little small for the number of passengers it is trying to handle. Cafes are very expensive!

reviewed by Anon from United States on Oct.04.2010

AAA Taxi

Out of the 8 or 9 times I've used this company, only 1 experience has been bad. A very unpleasant driver ripped us off by running the meter while we were continuing to count our money, and when we finally ran out of coins to give him based on the heightened price from just being parked, he threw our money at us from out the window and cursed in Czech. Other than that, if you call this company, they'll MOST LIKELY send you a respectable and honest driver.

reviewed by Emily B from United States on Oct.18.2010

AAA Taxi

Having been using this service over the last one week. totally hassle free. very reliable, on time service with english speaking drivers, and even booking can be done in english.

reviewed by jas from India on Apr.19.2009