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Russian Doll Shop

What's the shop website??? - when I click I go around in circles!! Saw the shop when in Prague - just want to order online !!!!

reviewed by Patrick from Ireland on Jan.09.2015


I like palladium

reviewed by zilola from Uzbekistan on Nov.12.2014


I visited the Palladium 2 weeks ago. I liked it very much! Did not have enough time to see it all, but I hope to come back in the near future. Greetz from Holland.

reviewed by Mieke from Netherlands on Jun.21.2014

Russian Doll Shop

Does anyone know the name of this shop Or it's actual website Thanks

reviewed by Mark from Australia on Jun.18.2014

Baker Street

DO NOT GO THERE ... it was a very good shop, but it is now closed down.

reviewed by Mickey Rostoker from Canada on Jun.03.2014

Russian Doll Shop

Very cool place. I couldn't decide which nesting set to buy. So I went with FSU Seminolesy and several months later the won the National Championship. This place is good luck!!

reviewed by Kevin R from United States on May.29.2014


For the sake of balance, I must say that I hate the Palladium and avoid it like the plague. What a zoo, just horrible. Every shop is over-priced, the food court sucks too. How could anybody want to spend any time in there? I guess if you exist only to shop, this is the place for you. Soulless, materialistic, shallow, mindless consumerism: welcome to the Palladium. If you thought communism was bad, try spending a few hours in this mega-zoo.

reviewed by Steve from United States on May.07.2013


Great little Susti corn husk dolls. And those cut-out eggs made with a dentist drill and the painted eggs. Amazing. Traditional handmade crafts are always worth paying for.

reviewed by Sue from United Kingdom on Sep.26.2012


Amazing shop have everything

reviewed by Ryan from Czech Republic on Sep.21.2012


Love the Original Beer Cosmetics so much I'm coming back for more all the way from Australia :)

reviewed by Meagan from Australia on Sep.12.2012


During my second visit to Prague I discovered Manufaktura 100% Sensitive Face Care. I absolutely love it! Never used anything like it. Came onto this website hoping to order more.

reviewed by Norma McGrath from United States on May.31.2012


I always feel very tired in big shopping-centers, and just had to walk around quite a while because I had to find a toilet, before continuing my touristwalk -outside. What a contrast, the old pink frontwall -and the inside!

reviewed by Rose from Finland on Apr.30.2012

Ed Hardy Store

Now this shop is closed.

reviewed by Evgeny from Czech Republic on Sep.22.2011

Baker Street

Go there and ask for her name! (and tell us of course!) And buy the best tobbacco!

reviewed by George Smith from United States on Jul.27.2011

Baker Street

Go there, buy excelent pipes and fines tobaccos and meet the most beautiful seller you can meet in Europe!

reviewed by Thomas from Germany on Jul.18.2011

Baker Street

Why Baker Street doesn´t publish thousand of pics of this pretty woman? She really is fantastic! Go ahead!

reviewed by Talioa Servant from United States on Jul.13.2011

Baker Street

Oh Yes! The woman who attents the store is really beautiful. I went inside to buy motiv matches and met her and almost couldn´t speak! What´s her name? or her e mail? VISIT THE STORE TO KNOW HER AND MAKE ONE REVIEW!

reviewed by Silverio from Colombia on Jul.13.2011


I love you cosmetics, I tried beer face cream and it was great.

reviewed by irena from Latvia on Jun.20.2011

AZ Foto

Good guys. Gave me a lead for my battery charger free, gratis & for nothing. Also stopped me saying thank you dick instead of thank you very much.

reviewed by Catherine from Australia on Jun.13.2011


Prague's iStyle store should be shut down by Apple because of the bad name they give this great line of products. Period. I have seen better Apple stores in 3rd world countries than in overstated Prague. But most importantly, iStyle has nothing (nothing) to do with level of service you get in Apple stores in the States. Forget "Genius Bar" run by super knowledgeable teenagers. You won't find them iStyle in Prague. I think Czechs have to come to realization what kind of product they deal with - and most importantly - to learn what are true rudiments of Customer Service in developed countries. So far, it has been nothing but disaster. If you wanna buy Apple computer than buy it in neighboring Austria or Germany - and pray it won't need service while in Prague. Good luck. Do not recommend.

reviewed by Vitantonio from United States on Jun.12.2011


These guys have been consistently bad. High prices, lousy service, low level of knowledge. You are much better off to buy your Apple stuff outside of the country, because they won't service you regardless of if you bought it from them or not.

reviewed by Realitista from Czech Republic on May.17.2011

Kosta Boda

We purchased a crystal pendant in black/clear depicting the profile of a female. It is truly an unusual peice and as such attracts many compliments. The really amazing items were violine, saxaphones, artist pallet and many more, almost two thirds in actual size in the most beautiful colours. One day we will return and hopefully aquire such a peice.

reviewed by Patricia Crompton from Australia on Apr.21.2011


CLOSED I went to the store and sad to find out that it's been closed for 6 months now. There is no new location.

reviewed by Lily from United States on Apr.17.2011


Très beaux articles de grande qualité. Les emballages cadeaux sont très soignés.

reviewed by Peyron from France on Mar.07.2011


I love the beer face cream. It smells delicious and makes my face feel so smooth.

reviewed by Tanya Kravcenko from New Zealand on Feb.16.2011