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Prague is a great city to shop in, with well-known big name Western stores, local brands, souvenir shops and specialist outlets all in abundance. Traditional local goods tend to be of the folksy variety, but there are also many glassware shops. As in other ex-communist countries, a craze for items of that period has developed and it's possible to obtain some very interesting bits and bobs, though their veracity is not always provable. Don't expect too much help from shop "assistants" who are as likely to offer a blank look and a shrug as anything qualifying as customer service. Check out the Editor's Choice for our recommended shops.

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There are 41 Prague shops on our site at the moment, and we update our listings frequently. When looking for a place to shop in Prague, either use our search facility provided above, or browse through our shop directory. Prague has a splendid range of shops to choose from, so we're sure you'll find something to match your budget and demands. If you think we should have a listing of a shop which is not already on our site, please do write to us and let us know! We need your feedback to help us make Prague Life the most comprehensive guide in English to life in Prague!


reviewed by Steve
from United States
on May.07.2013

"For the sake of balance, I must say that I hate the Palladium and avoid it like the plague. What a zoo, just horrible. Every shop is over-priced, the food court sucks too. How could anybody want to spend any time in there? I guess if you exist only to shop, this is the place for you. Soulless, materialistic, shallow, mindless consumerism: welcome to the Palladium. If you thought communism was bad, try spending a few hours in this mega-zoo. "

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reviewed May.07.2013
"For the sake of balance, I must say that I hate the Palladium and avoid it ..."
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