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address: Karmelitska 22

tel: +001 (323) 7854460

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If a store could make you hipper just by entering it, the Ed Hardy Store is such a place. The store is named for the famous artist Don Ed Hardy, also known as "the godfather of modern tattoo", for his sophistication, depth and sense of experimentation. Unique tattoo designs adorn most of the clothing and shoes, with designs that actually make real Chuck Taylors look tame in comparison. Not only is the Ed Hardy Store a shop, it's a chill-out lounge with several couches and flat screen TVs to get you in the consuming spirit, and they even have a drink bar upstairs.

Ed Hardy Store

Now this shop is closed.

reviewed by Evgeny from Czech Republic on Sep.22.2011

Typical Czech behaviour, I must say! Being a Czech living in the UK and speaking to my husband (in English) inside of the shop, they treated me exactly the same way. So no worries! There is nothing more surreal than a Czech guy pretending to be a cool 'street' dude, most likely 'gangsta' too, freestyling all the time!Probably still living with!

reviewed by Monika from United Kingdom on Mar.25.2010

Rick.... I know ur reading this ;)


reviewed by Goose from United Kingdom on Aug.26.2009

The shop is OK, but the people are extremely impolite

reviewed by Kees Jansen from Netherlands on Aug.22.2009

Very good products and such a nice atmosphere, but the most impolite staff I've ever met in my entire life!

reviewed by katharina from Germany on Oct.16.2007



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reviewed Mar.15.2015
"I've emailed this shop twice to buy some afl dolls but never received a rep..."
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