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It seems a small part of Russia landed on Prague's central Karlova street: along with a Russian restaurant called Cafe Puskin, you'll find a shop full of Russian dolls of every shape and size - probably the most Russian dolls in one place outside of Russia! These "matrioshki" come in every type and theme, from novelty politicians to Disney characters to traditional dolls to elegant porcelain numbers. In addition, they have some communist kitsch t-shirts for sale.

Russian Doll Shop

This shop was fantastic. I wish I had brought more. I get so many comments on the set of nesting dolls that I did buy. I was in the shop for over an hour trying to pick one out.

reviewed by Lisa Reed from New Zealand on Aug.09.2009



reviewed May.07.2013
"For the sake of balance, I must say that I hate the Palladium and avoid it ..."
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