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address: Celetna 8

tel: +420 224239170

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Most camera shops in the Old Town carry just what you'd expect - overpriced film and batteries for the unprepared and sorry tourist. But in addition to those standards, AZ Foto carries some surprises - like Leicas from the 70s, vintage cameras from the 30s, and wooden cameras from who knows when - all for sale at actually reasonable prices. And if you've already got a camera but need some accessories like filters or a flash to get those shots of your smiling family in Prague in the evening, they carry all levels of equipment, from amateur accessories to professional gear.

AZ Foto

Good guys. Gave me a lead for my battery charger free, gratis & for nothing. Also stopped me saying thank you dick instead of thank you very much.

reviewed by Catherine from Australia on Jun.13.2011

Good selection of gear. I got a second SD card at this shop (so many things to take photos of in Prague!).

reviewed by Silke from Germany on Jul.28.2010



Russian Doll Shop
reviewed Mar.15.2015
"I've emailed this shop twice to buy some afl dolls but never received a rep..."
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