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Opened in October 2007 in the centre of Prague, the Palladium is now the Czech Republic's largest mall. And we all know that when it comes to shopping, bigger is indeed better! Four levels of shopping galleries with over 200 shops and 30 restaurants and cafes, 900 parking spaces underground, and 115,000 square metres of shopping and commercial space means one can spend all day here and not see everything! For those interested in something more than shopping, the Palladium has some historical value as well. During an archaeological survey conducted before the building of the centre, archaeologists found the foundations of 12th-century structures that pre-date the building of Prague's city walls! The medieval structures and walls have been incorporated into the architecture of the mall.


like palladium

reviewed by zilola from Uzbekistan on Nov.12.2014

I visited the Palladium 2 weeks ago. I liked it very much! Did not have enough time to see it all, but I hope to come back in the near future. Greetz from Holland.

reviewed by Mieke from Netherlands on Jun.21.2014

For the sake of balance, I must say that I hate the Palladium and avoid it like the plague. What a zoo, just horrible. Every shop is over-priced, the food court sucks too. How could anybody want to spend any time in there? I guess if you exist only to shop, this is the place for you. Soulless, materialistic, shallow, mindless consumerism: welcome to the Palladium. If you thought communism was bad, try spending a few hours in this mega-zoo.

reviewed by Steve from United States on May.07.2013

Amazing shop have everything

reviewed by Ryan from Czech Republic on Sep.21.2012

I always feel very tired in big shopping-centers, and just had to walk around quite a while because I had to find a toilet, before continuing my touristwalk -outside. What a contrast, the old pink frontwall -and the inside!

reviewed by Rose from Finland on Apr.30.2012

I loved that mall!!! I found what I was looking for at this place.

reviewed by Izabel from Canada on Dec.21.2010

Hey I just was in a quite nice Hair and Beauty Salon at Paladium. It is the Kerastas Hair Salon and the Keraskin Kosmetic Salon. It is a really good treatmant. The Skin is afterwards absolutly great, refreshed- I really liked it.
And also the personal is to be proficient to apesk a lot of diffenent languages- like englisch, frenc, spanish, italy, german, russish- and ofí coarse czech.

reviewed by keras from Germany on Nov.17.2008

I love crowds! It was perfect for me!

reviewed by Martin L from United Kingdom on Jan.15.2008

I LOVED the LUSH store!! I think it was the best store with the nicest people!!

reviewed by Olga from United States on Nov.23.2007



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