Prague hotel reviews

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Amour Hotel Residence


reviewed by Guest from United Kingdom on Jan.07.2012

Auberge de Provence

Amazing top quality restaurant, service was excellent, food was top quality, gardens are as in the Provence. Great experience!!!

reviewed by Luc de la Montagne from Belgium on Jun.24.2011

Apple Hostel

It was absolutely fine. No complaints at all, and quite cheap. I would go back there again.

reviewed by Keith from United Kingdom on Apr.10.2011

Hostel Elf

A fun and magical place!

reviewed by Eowyn from United States on Aug.06.2010

Apple Hostel

Good hostel with everything we needed.

reviewed by Gabe and Annie from United Kingdom on Jun.09.2010

Travellers' Hostel Dlouha

Not recommended, cos of safety problems. Probably some persons of staff are corrupted and work with stealer, providing info from video cameras if guest leave a room (e.g. just to visit facilities on the floor).

reviewed by Pthah from United States on May.12.2010

Amour Hotel Residence

It's near the castle and the old town. Loved Prague!

reviewed by Jenny from United States on Apr.26.2010

Carlton Hotel

Nothing too special, but clean and comfortable and reasonably priced.

reviewed by Liam from United Kingdom on Mar.12.2010

The Bridge

We had a great time in Prague staying in The Bridge: the staff was nice and helpful, room charming and cleaned, very good breakfast, all of this for a cheap price and near the center! We will recommend to our friends!

reviewed by Andrea from Italy on Jul.28.2009

The Bridge

Quite right about the keys, but worth a stay.

reviewed by Allan from United Kingdom on Jul.28.2009

Mlyn Karlstejn

I was fortunate enough to visit on a chance meeting with a friend but was booked elsewhere so didn't stay the night. But I had to comment that Mlyn Karlstejn is superb from grounds to staff. I shall enquire there next I visit Prague.

reviewed by Edwin from United Kingdom on Jul.22.2009

Travellers' Hostel Dlouha

Good friends, good times. Yo, Petr!

reviewed by randy from United Kingdom on Jul.08.2009

Carlton Hotel

Carlton was a perfect spot for our stay. Would recommend.

reviewed by johny from United Kingdom on Jul.01.2009

Old Prague

I had such a grand time in Prague and at Old Prague hostel. Being in the centre was perfect for late nights out with friends and early morning sightseeing.

reviewed by Jen from United Kingdom on Jun.24.2009

Hostel Elf

Funky and cool!

reviewed by nic from United Kingdom on Jun.22.2009

Ariston Patio Hotel

Top spot with what we needed.

reviewed by Summers from United Kingdom on Jun.18.2009

Elysee Hotel

We had but a few days in Prague, so we were happy this hotel was perfectly situated in the centre.

reviewed by Edward from United Kingdom on Jun.17.2009

Auberge de Provence

It was like stepping back into time without losing value. Very relaxing spot, indeed.

reviewed by Danny from United Kingdom on Jun.15.2009


Much better than I was expecting. Enjoyed it.

reviewed by Jennifer from United States on Jun.13.2009

Sir Toby's

Loved this place. Super cool.

reviewed by Niko from United States on Jun.11.2009

Miss Sophie's

A cute little place with lots of character.

reviewed by Andrea from United States on Jun.11.2009

Manadarin Oriental


reviewed by joe from United States on Jun.11.2009

Hotel U Prince

What a place, kinda quaint and grand at the same time....

reviewed by Drew from United States on Oct.06.2010

Hostel Elf

The area is not as shady as the first reviewer describes, really. I had no problems walking to the center, it's really close on foot and there's some cool stuff around if you go exploring. The hostel itself was great - friendly people and nice rooms

reviewed by Robbie H. from United States on Mar.12.2009

Dante Alighieri

A magical experience in a magical city! This hotel was so unique and perfect, our stay was a pleasure!

reviewed by Gerry from United States on Mar.12.2009