Travellers' Hostel Dlouha

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address: Dlouha 33

tel: +420 224826662

fax: +420 224826665

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If you'd like to make 27 new friends during your weekend in Prague, the Travellersí Hostel Dlouha has one 28-bed dorm (split into two rooms with 12 and 16 beds), starting at about 10 Euro/night per bed. While the price and location (right next to the Old Town) are attractive, don't expect an abundance of privacy in the larger rooms. Luckily, the hostel also offers private rooms with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 beds per room and even roof top apartments (not many other hostels can say that!). The guests are usually student aged, which means if you're in bed by 10pm and expecting a good night's sleep you'll definitely want a private room, as chances are plenty of intoxicated travellers will be settling down to their bunks between 1 am and dawn. As a bonus, there's Roxy nightclub next door, assuring that there won't be a shortage of places to go at night.

Travellers' Hostel Dlouha

Not recommended, cos of safety problems. Probably some persons of staff are corrupted and work with stealer, providing info from video cameras if guest leave a room (e.g. just to visit facilities on the floor).

reviewed by Pthah from United States on May.12.2010

Good friends, good times. Yo, Petr!

reviewed by randy from United Kingdom on Jul.08.2009



Hostel Elf
reviewed Nov.13.2014
"Great place, cozy rooms, cheap local beer and just walking distance to the ..."
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