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address: Zikova 13

tel: +420 (2) 24320202

fax: +420 (2) 24323489

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If your good old days were back when you shared a room in a college dorm, this is the chance to relive them (but if you hate your roommate, you're luckily only staying for a few nights, not a few semesters). The hostel lies west of the city, on the left bank of the Vltava, about six minutes from the Old Town by metro or tram. The rooms are clean but basic, not hiding the fact that the building used to be a dorm, including the use of shared bathroom facilities on each floor. Unlike your old dorm however, you won't get yelled at here for coming in after midnight (there's no curfew and 24 hour reception), and a night tram will take you from the city center virtually to the doorstep of the hostel.

Welcome Hostel Dejvice



Hostel Elf
reviewed Nov.13.2014
"Great place, cozy rooms, cheap local beer and just walking distance to the ..."
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