Getting around Prague

Above: Going underground!

Left: Trust the tram driver, he's a pro!

Below: Follow the golden rules and you'll be fine

By Public Transport

Getting around Prague is easy and inexpensive. Public transport coverage is extensive throughout the city and is divided into three main modes of getting around: buses, trams, and the subway (tube for you Brits). Single tickets cost 20CZK and are valid for 75 minutes, on all transport types, from the moment you "validate" it; i.e. stick it in the on-board ticket machine.

We know what you're thinking now: that if you don't need to validate the ticket to travel then why bother? Well the answer lies in the form of the many undercover ticket inspectors travelling round the city on the lookout for fare evaders. They are extremely zealous - not to mention utterly unsympathetic towards tourists confused by the system - and we have never seen anyone successfully plead their way out of a fine. One word of warning: if you do get stopped then ask to see the inspector's ID card - conmen do occasionally try to pass themselves off as ticket inspectors. Genuine inspectors are legally obliged to show you their ID, which should have their photo and the words "dopravni podnik" on there somewhere.

By Taxi

Taxis can be a bit of a lottery. They've got a bad reputation for ripping off tourists, but the government are gradually getting to grips with the problem. Avoid picking up taxis from drivers who approach you on the street: if you must catch a taxi when out and about then only pick one with a roof light, ask how much the journey will be before getting in, and ask for a receipt afterwards. It is always best to ask your hotel/hostel to recommend a taxi company - otherwise check our service area for details of reputable firms.

Prague transportation

If you fly in, I recommend taking the Airport Express bus from the airport. It goes directly to the train station in the middle of Prague, runs every 30 minutes or so, and you can just pay for the ticket direct to the driver. Costs only 60K and take about half an hour. Great value.

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