Weather in Prague

Five Day Weather Forecast
Day Summary T.Max T.Min Wind
Thursday HeavyRain 14°C 6°C WestNorthWesterly 10km/h
Friday LightCloud 11°C 5°C Westerly 14km/h
Saturday LightCloud 9°C 4°C NorthWesterly 16km/h
Sunday HeavyRain 13°C 7°C WestSouthWesterly 16km/h
Monday HeavyRain 11°C 6°C WestNorthWesterly 16km/h

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Between late spring and early autumn, Prague's weather is one of the most inviting aspects of visiting the city. While the forecast might predict scorching temperatures over 30 degrees in the summer, there's plenty of shade to hide under in the city's numerous parks, and it seems more and more restaurants and clubs are installing air conditioning as a way to attract clients. However, the winter in Prague can still be quite harsh, but manageable if you pack the right clothes - warm hats, scarves, sweaters and thick gloves are a must if you plan on visiting the Castle or taking a long stroll through the city. Luckily, there's always a bar to duck into for some warm beer if the snow gets to be too much.

Prague weather

Sounds kinda cold to me but it appears to be a beautiful city! Think maybe I'll visit first before I make a business decision

reviewed by Dewayne from United States on Jan.13.2013

Warm beer XD

reviewed by Katus from Czech Republic on Nov.30.2010



Russian Doll Shop
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